pexels-photo.jpgAre you interested in Sola Scriptura, but have a sneaking suspicion that some church doctrines may go a little beyond the actual written word?

Our aim is simple – to separate the wheat from the chaff. We are passionate about getting back to basic Biblical truths and thus preserving God’s reputation and image from human distortions (our so-called “wisdom”). It is indisputable that over the Centuries bias has been introduced by the translators and that human theories have become embedded into doctrine. A particular frustration is the consistently widespread presentation of the Gospel purely in terms of Penal Substitutionary Atonement Theory, as if the two were synonymous.

Articles will investigate doctrines or assumptions, checking back with Scripture from a “simple reading of the text” perspective. Where nuance is important we will also look at the underlying Greek text. In particular, we are interested in looking at Scripture through the lens of Jesus and the Apostles using the Bible they read and had access to, namely the Septuagint*.

Blog posts will explore ideas with a little more fluidity, allowing for more subjective discussion and exploration around these topics.

Come join us on the ride!

(*Most of today’s popular Bible translations rely heavily on Hebrew texts from 1200 years later. Furthermore, the choice of words for the translation illustrate distinct theological presuppositions at play. The inadvertent result is that a different, very specific meaning may have been imposed on the text by the translators. It is this very bias that we seek to uncover, exposing the original understanding – with all its inherent ambiguity).

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