Brian Zahnd on Mark’s Gospel

I guess I should have already known all about this (binding the strong man) but I didn’t. Fascinating.

Gospel in 4 movements: Mark

One thought on “Brian Zahnd on Mark’s Gospel”

  1. Thank you for highlighting this
    It’s a fascinating talk
    I have always been interested in a synthesis of the gospels (as if the apostles themselves had not been able to do this!) But what this and the other talks show me is that each gospel is crammed with its own theology.
    Mark’s gospel, seemingly reporting Peter’s perspective, shows Peter goggle-eyed at witnessing the power encounter between Jesus and the ruling powers and principalities. Mark opens with a blatant challenge to Caesar’s ‘gospel’ and Jesus’ 2nd miracle with the famous ‘Legion’ infested demoniac ushers in a war against the spirit, of that age and this, that ‘right comes out of the barrel of a gun’.
    Finally, oozing with irony, the gospel closes with a centurion, a perfect icon of Roman power, acknowledging that ‘Truly he (not Caesar) was the Son of God’. This is dynamite stuff.

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