“His Presence is Near” (A Poem/Hymn)

Tired of the poor theology in today’s favourite hymns? Here’s a new one. There’s no music for it yet, so if someone creative out there can come up with a tune… go use it!

His presence is near
He can touch us or hear
for in Him we all live and move.
But sin hid God’s face
so the Son came in grace
His goodness and mercy to prove.

His message of peace
roused within us the beast
that raged war on the source of all good.
We broke every law
when abuse of power saw
The Innocent strung up on wood.

Tho’ He gave us our breath
and waged war against death,
we murdered the Author of Life.
Yet what man had sought
the love of God bought
as He freed up our flesh from all strife.

On that cross when He died
it seemed like the tide
of hatred had won out the day.
But as we killed The Light
and the day became night
full forgiveness had the last say.

In dying He gave
escape from the grave
for death could not hold His flesh down.
He rose up again,
trampled Hell in his train,
and won for all people a crown. 

© W A Fletcher-Cooke, 2021. All rights reserved.

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