The Incarnation – A “Sola Scriptura” Bible Study.

We conducted a Bible Study recently where we looked at just those scriptures which spelt out the reasons for the Incarnation. The focus of the study was limited to verses which explicitly state “he came because…” or “he was sent in order to…” or “for this reason he came..”.  It took real discipline not to venture beyond the Incarnation and into e.g. the reasons for the cross. Continue reading “The Incarnation – A “Sola Scriptura” Bible Study.”

The Gospel in Chairs

For anyone who has been told that God cannot tolerate sinners and that God’s justice demands He must punish them, then this is a great antidote.

Brad takes a few liberties (e.g. technically Adam and Eve were banished from the garden so that they would not eat of the tree of life) but the white hot asbestos suit comment is, sadly, true. We think his presentation provides a necessary corrective to the dominant western view of the Gospel, and gives a more Christ-like picture of God. It is a breath of fresh air!

Brad Jersak – the gospel in chairs: